eSUV USB - subjectiv visual vertikal (SVV) and horizontal

The determination of the subjective visual vertical is a test of the utricle function in the differential diagnosis of the otolithic organ in the balance system. If a healthy person is asked to adjust a light line in the dark so that it is perpendicular to the ground then very reproducible results are obtained that correspond to the actual vertical in the room. The result of this measurement is called "Subjective Visual Vertical" and is made possible by the correctly transmitted information of the otolithic organs (especially the utricle).
Thus the estimation of the SVV provides a useful clinical test of the orticulus function and is a necessary complement to the examination of the saccular function by cVEMP measurements as well as to the examination of the semicircular canals by caloric irrigation and / or the head pulse test. Since the systematic introduction of the SVV in the Clinic, meanwhile different SVV findings could be determined as an indicator of an isolated urticulus deficiency in numerous patients with normal caloric and cVEMP response.

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» Maskcover with installed oLED
» Joystick for adjusting the line
» no pixel recognition possible





min. computer requirements

>> Processor: Intel i5
>> RAM: 4 GB
>> Video card: 2 GB RAM
>> Monitor: 1600x900 Pixel